The Brat Pak ~ Home Daycare & Preschool.

About Us


 Lisa Gardhouse B.Ed.  from    McGill University

-Second cousin to Mary Poppins.

-Major in Physical Education

-Certificate in the Arts (Dance and Drama)


After almost 38 years of working with children on one level or another; nurse, physiotherapy student, dance/yoga instructor, nanny, special education assistant and finally teacher, I am still enjoying my vocation to the fullest. I pride myself in being able to work in a field I truly love. As second cousin to “Mary Poppins,” the magic and creativity that are an integral part of me are my daily gifts to the children in my care.


 “We share the special journey and wonder of childhood together, growing, learning, and exploring as one. This is my privilege and one I take most seriously!” 

Kai Gardhouse

As an alumnus of the Brat Pak.


Currently he is studying Psychology at Dawson with the intention of attending McGill  University to specialize in Child Psychology.


Since he was a teenager he has worked in one capacity or another, after school and in the summer months, with the children of the Brat Pak.


In September 2008 he became a valued full time staff member of the Brat Pak.


Fully bilingual Kai communicates with the children in French for most of the day.


Kai has taught Can Skate for several years working with age groups 4 years and up and takes our older children skating in the winter months. He also teaches Kinder Yoga, low organized games and he tells an awesome story! 


Creative and outgoing he is provides an excellent role model for the children of the Brat Pak Family!



Billy J.


Billy is our music specialist, he teaches the children on a daily basis.


He has been with the Brat Pak since its inception in 1989. A professional and working musician (Guitar piano and percussion) until 15 years ago when he lost his fingers to frost bite in a tragic skiing accident. Since that time he has re-taught himself to play Piano and Dobro (Slide Guitar) and has continued to work his magic at the Brat Pak, inspiring many of our children to go on to study Piano and Guitar themselves.



He is a special inspiration to our children, who gain positive lessons as to what a person with a ‘disability’ can aspire to. They leave the Brat Pak with an integral understanding of special needs.


“The facts speak for themselves; in study after study it has been shown that music makes a difference not only in terms of intelligence and well-being, but also in terms of future academic performance.  It helps to create a special learning environment here at, ‘The Brat Pak,’ to nourish your child's growth and development, and creativity “


The children participate in a small recital at our yearly Christmas Party.


                                  * * * *


All of our staff have their “First Aid Certification for Daycare” a Police Clearance Certificate and have had BOTH shots of their Covid vaccine..”