The Brat Pak ~ Home Daycare & Preschool.

Mission Statement

Over the past 30 years the Brat Pak has evolved into an exceptional hybrid: the care, nurturing and warmth of a home setting coupled with leading edge programming. The Brat Pak represents a labor of love and provides a continuation of your loving care coupled with an exceptional high quality program that combines education, learning through play and active learning

Above all we believe in individual differences. All children are not alike and therefore, must not be treated as such; we believe that doing so would stifle creativity, and as music and creativity are the essence of our day, this concept is of extreme importance to us. We believe that children need to know that they are loved. Never is this more important than when they are being naughty; "I may not approve of your actions, but I will never stop loving you!”

At the Brat Pak we give our children a sense of community where we all support and love one another through the good and especially the not so good days. We believe that it takes a village to raise a child and it is our pleasure to be trusted to be a part of yours.

       When YOU demand the very best for your child 
           your search stops here...

  • Excellence in childcare in since 1989.
  • Low child /staff ratio. 
  • Quality Meals; Organic, healthy, home made. Vegan options.
  • Environmentally friendly products used through out our home.
  • We offer a Bilingual environment.
  • Ages 18 months to Kindergarten. 


Can I afford Private childcare?

Yes you can!
Do the calculations on our Rates Page.
The results may surprise you as the government will reimburse up to 75% of your fees every month depending on your income.
Take the time to find out what you and your child are entitled to.


                                      Welcome to The Brat Pak

We are keeping our numbers low for the upcoming year until the Covid situation is more stable for the protection of our current children.