The Brat Pak

 Winter Clothing List

These should be in your box as the weather dictates. Meanwhile overhaul your box with warmer clothing as the fall approaches.

Please do not be too hasty in adding a snow suit top or winter boots. If you do so too early when winter really strikes your child will be unable to tolerate the out-doors.. Think layers, thicker socks and an intermediate warm hat and mittens.

Good Quality Snow Suit.

This should be two pieces. I suggest that the pants reach higher than the waist and have straps going over the shoulders as this keeps the snow from going inside the pants as they roll around in the snow.

Good Quality Winter Boots.

For the sake of expediency I would also suggest boots with Velcro or replace long laces with thick elastic.

Warm Hat

This should tie under the chin and cover the ears. No toques, no exceptions.

Neck Warmer.

 Or a hate that has one incorporates one.  No Scarves, no exceptions.

Long Water proof mittens.

They should be long enough so that they can be tucked under a sweater and never fall off during play.

Additional Items:

-Extra warm socks and underwear.

-2 changes of clothing.

-Warm soft non-slip slippers.

-A warmer blanket for sleeping

 Please do not bring scarves or tie your mittens on with strings and elastics.
 Both present a choking hazard on playground equipment.

The Brat Pak               `           Sickness Guidelines                                 Appendix 2



In order to ensure the good health of all of the children in my Daycare and to ensure the quick recovery of those children who are ill certain guide lines must be adhered to. I therefore ask that all parents read this carefully  and cooperate with me fully.


If a child becomes ill during the day the parent will be informed immediately and depending on the severity of the illness asked to pick up their child early and not return them to daycare until they are fully recovered.


All children must be kept home if they have the following:


1               Fever.

If a child has a fever over 103F/39.5C, they must be picked up A.S.A.P.

2               Diarrhea.

A watery or green bowl movement, which is different from normal. If this persists for more than 24 hours child should see a doctor as this can cause dehydration

3               Vomiting.

If a child vomits more than once they will be sent home

      4          Productive Cough.

                  Especially important in children who cannot put their hand over their mouth.

5         Productive green or yellow thick runny nose.

N.B.        In 4 & 5 it is difficult to prevent the mucus and germs from being splattered

                & smeared and dripped over toys other children and staff thus infecting us all!


Children must be treated immediately for:

1                 Head Lice

2                 Scabies

3                 Ringworm

4                 Impetigo……………………..May return 24 hours after treatment.

5                 Infectious Conjunctivitis…….May return 24 hours after treatment.


Contagious Disease.

1               Colds or flu………………………………………Return when well enough.

2               Chicken Pox……………………………………..Return 7 days after rash has appeared or scabs are dry and have fallen off. If we have no pregnant parents I may poll parents to see if child can return immediately as it is better if children get this when they are young.

3               German measles…………………………………7 day after the rash appears.

4               Measles (very contagious)……………………….4 days after the rash appears.

5               Mumps…………………………………………...9 days

6               Whooping Cough…………………………...5 days after the start of treatment.

7               Strep. Throat/Tonsillitis/Scarlet fever……...48 hours after start of treatment.


Parent’s at Home Projects


What Can Parents Do?

Watch and wait and listen

As I learn and grow


Know when to let me have my way

And when to tell me, "No!"


Help me when I need you

But it's OK to let me cry.


I'll never learn to do things If I never get to try!

Give me your time, not your treasures,


Read me a story or two.

And remember that being my parents Is a most special job to do!


Terry Lynn Graham


Every month I shall send you a take home project with suggestions for fun activities for you to do with your child. They will be loaded onto our website.


Have fun and do not stress there is no exam at the end of this it is just a little bonding time for you and your child.

Summer Clothing List


All items should be at the Brat Pak no later than May 1st or as the weather dictates.


Update Items. If you have still to bring.

- 12 washcloths

- 12 boxes of tissues.


Items to REMAIN here.

-Running shoes with Velcro.

-Sandals for water play. (Cheap Crocs)

-Sun hat with a brim all of the way round and which ties under the chin. Please no caps.


-Huge bath towel.


Items to be replenished as necessary and remain in your box.

- 2 changes of clothing (T-shirts, shorts, short sundresses, panties. socks.)

- Sweat pants and top for after water play.


Please please please……

“Clothing that I can put on all by myself.” Especially the older children who are being toilet trained.

-No fancy snaps, dresses, tiny buttons, long ties, zippers or indoor clothing with hoods.

-No onesies ….no exceptions.  (One-piece undershirts, overalls, skirts with attached panties.)

-No Billy boots or splash pants please, the boots are dangerous on park equipment.


Please Label ALL items, unlabeled items will be placed in the lost and found each day. (If you do not label items, it is unfair to give myself or my staff a hard time at the end of the day because another parent has mistakenly taken them.)


Effective May 1st.

-We would like to all children to arrive at The Brat Pak no later than 8:45 a.m. each morning.

-Each child should arrive at school wearing sunscreen. Apply it at home when your child is naked all over his/her body. We will reapply as necessary during the day. If you are unable to do this please advise us other wise we will assume I has been done.


A reminder.

-Please respect your book-out /in time and advise by phone if you will be arriving late or early.


Lastly, please to not put unwrapped sticky garbage in the garbage cans, it attracts wasps & bees,

Strollers may be left inside or behind the huge garbage cans in the drive way. Bikes etc. should be left in the drive way to one side.

Please do not use the lawn to load and unload your children I will be planting bulbs and grass. Please discourage your child from playing in that area or picking the flowers.


Thanks for your co-operation.