The Brat Pak ~ Home Daycare & Preschool.


We invite you to take a pictorial walk through our special world taking  a  small peek into the activities that inspire the minds of our wonderful children.

(Under construction.)

Our garden wonderland and huge deck.

Our garden houses a jungle Gym, a small organic garden, and two shaded sand boxes.We also have a gazebo covered deck area dedicated to water play, where we eat most of our meals in the summer months. 

The Four footed part of our Brat Pak  Family

Exploring my worl

This room is a work in progress and is geared towards learning about the world around us.

Playroom 2 

If music be the food of love, play on.... 

 Our Aquarium - All of our fish are named!

Main Playroom.

This is a larger space used for Gym, Music Yoga and Party fun. 

Parent Area

This has been taken over recently by Dress up and fantasy play.

Kitchen Fun

Arts & Crafts, Science and of course eating.